Rodrigues is a Mauritius-based island in the Indian Ocean, 580 km east of the main island of Mauritius. The capital of the 109 km² island is Port Mathurin, the main language is French, colloquial is Rodriguais, a French Creole. The island is part of the Mascarene Islands chain and is surrounded by several small islands. The island has over 40,000 inhabitants.

There are currently only 3 high-speed boats for BigGameFishing. These are the "Black Marlin", the "L'oiseau des îles II" and the "Why Not".

For the Popperfischen there is currently only one offerer, which is equipped with a corresponding boat. This is Eric Cesar. The coastal waters off Rodrigues are dangerous and can only be cruised by boat. Unfortunately there have been many accidents in the past.


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