Saint Brandon


The Cargados Carajos Shoals / Saint Brandon, is an island group with a vast reef in the Indian Ocean, 407 kilometers northeast of Mauritius. They lie on the submarine Mascarene plateau and are thus part of the island group of the Mascarene.

Its surface area is only about 3.2 km², the reef extends to 65.5 km in north-south direction with a width of around 21 km, thus covering an area of ​​about 1.356 km². Nearly all the islands rise from the sea to the west of this reef. They form the remains of a submerged volcano.

The islands were used as a fishing base, the mining of Guano and the copra production were further sources of income. In 2016 professional fishing was discontinued. The accommodations of the former seasonal workers were now prepared for anglers / divers. These are located on St. Raphael and on the Isle de Sud.

Saint Brandon is a top spot for fly fishing from all over the world. Big Bonefish, all kinds of Travellys as well as many different Grouper can be caught in the kilometer-long lagoon. Also jigging and popper-fishing on GT's and Doggys is very successful.

The islands are covered with coral sand, in many places there is a thick layer of guano. Sea turtles use the almost uninhabited beaches for egg laying.



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